Years 2 Soar Letter
Dear friend,
Thousands of families suffer in Jamaica financially to send their children to early childhood schools, primary,  secondary and tertiary educational institutions. These families also find it hard to purchase their children’s uniforms, school equipment and materials andto pay for their child’s travelling expenses to and from school.
The parents of these children are unemployed, low economic earners and farmers in rural and urban communities in Jamaica.
Unemployment in Jamaica  currently stands at 13.7% and over one million people are in poverty.
In majority of rural areas in Jamaica, they lack running water and rely on water from the rivers that are quite a far distance, or private water tanks, that are minimal.

Years 2 Soar is a society that aims to reach out to needy  families in financial difficulties in Jamaica to help send their children to school, and to help them with school equipment  and school related issues. We also aim to sponsor children who have finished secondary school to go on to higher and further education.

Our continuous objectives are, a) to make rural areas in Jamaica have running water via catchments, concrete tanks, and more plastic tanks implanted into their communities through projects, b) for all children to have access to education, c) to decrease unemployment through job creation strategies, e.g. community tourism, alternative tourism d) to renovate old schools through projects, d) to implement milk programmes, health programmes, and more (visit our website).

We would like you to become a Years 2 Soar member and we welcome donations of a minimum of ₤1 sterling (UK)  or $1 USD (USA and rest of world). If you would like to sign up online and donate monthly you  can donate as little as ₤5 a month. For positive change to happen it has to start with us. Will you make that positive change?
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Your friend from Years 2 Soar,

Mrs. Smalling
Chairman and founder of Years 2 Soar

“Aim high, do not give up on your dream and soar like an eagle"
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