What we offer
The projects, programmes, short courses, training and seminars that we will offer at Years 2 Soar once funding is available are as follows:

Community tourism project
This is a project to promote community tourism in communites in Jamaica. This will be apart of alternative tourism. Volunteers are welcome to participate.

Water management and conservation project
This project is to implement methods to manage water and conserve it during dry seasons in communities without running water from the National Water Commission in  Jamaica. It is also a project aimed at community members having consistent water at their disposal.
Volunteers are welcome to participate.

Recycling project
This project is to promote recycling methods to the communities of Jamaica. Volunteers are welcome to participate.

Painting and tileling schools project
This is a project to make Jamaican schools in communities look more appealing. Volunteers are welcome to take part. 

Reading project
This project is to assist in making children 3-7 year olds be ready for primary school level teaching. It is also for mature persons (50+) who may have difficulties in reading . Volunteers are welcome to assist.

Milk programme (children 0-7 getting free milk)
This programme is to assist famillies in communities of Jamaica with adequate milk for their young children of 0 to 7 years of age. Volunteers are welcome to take part  and donations are welcomed.

Years 2 Soar community centre and offices building project 
This project is for the benefit of the needy families in Jamaica to learn and equip them for community tourism and job creation methods. The community centres would be used for meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, classes, and more.
The offices would be for the daily administration of the needy families needs and for people to get in contact and learn more about Years to Soar locally and internationally.

 English or French short course packages (5,10 or 15 days)
This is for persons who have basic, intermediate knowledge of English or French, or for those who want to excel. The courses will be in 3hour block sessions for five days, 10 days or 15 days. The lessons will be focused on speaking, listening and writing and reading in English or French. It is optional which course you sign up to. These short course packages are for a reasonable price. Per hour lessons in English or French will also  be available online.

Training courses (2 or 5 days)
These training courses will equip the learner in skills that they need.
The training courses will include the following: Customer service, Computer beginners training, Public Speaking training, and Office Administration training.  At the end of the training certificates will be given to thoses who attended and passed the modules. These courses will be for a reasonable price.

Seminars: (1 or 3 days) Earthquake Awareness in Jamaica, Health in Jamaica, Tourism in Jamaica
The seminars will be based on Earthquake awareness in Jamaica,  Health in Jamaica, Tourism in Jamaica. It is optional which seminar the person decides to sign up to.These seminars will be  for a reasonable fee.
Other seminars will be introduced shortly.

For more information contact us on this website.

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