Interview 1- Sunbury Early Childhood Institute
Years 2 Soar “Aim high, do not give up on your dream and soar like an eagle”

    Interview with Years 2 Soar and a Principal from Sunbury Early Childhood Institute (2015)

1. May I please have your full name? Sonia Hall Daley
2. a) What is the name of the Early Childhood Institute that you work for? Sunbury Early Childhood Institute
b) When was the school /Early Childhood Institute established? Approximately 50 years ago

3. What is your position at the Early Childhood Institute? Principal

4. a) Is the Early Childhood Institute governmental or private? It is subsidized. There is little support from the Government.
b) Do the pupils have to pay tuition fees? Rarely, because of inefficiency only a small amount.
5. What is the schools demographic location? It is on the Sunbury United Church compound in the Mocho Mountain Region of North West Clarendon.

6. What is the age range of the pupils that attend your Early Childhood Institute? The age ranges are 2 to 6 years old.
7. Where do the students live that comes to your Early Childhood Institute? The students come from within and surrounding communities.

8. What do the pupils benefit from at the Early Childhood Institute? They benefit from a Spell down Competition where they compete with children from other schools in the region, Sports Day activities and excursions.

9. What changes have you seen at the Early Childhood Institute within the last five years? Development of curriculum, learning through concrete objects, Teacher student orientated, closer relationship with P.T.A, Training for teachers and development of Technology.

10. What are schools/ Early Childhood Institute’s main needs? The main needs of the school are lack of In and outdoor playing equipment, Teaching and Learning Materials, Building maintenance, Monetary supplies, Sponsorship for development. (There are limited amount of pupils attending because of financial difficulties and needs).

11. What are the pass rates from the pupils to go on to Primary education from your school/Early Childhood Institute? The pass rate is 80%- 85% percent.

12. What role does the community play in the maintenance and the overall well being of the institution? There is no community support. There is minimal support for the P.T. A (Parent Teacher Association).

13. As a member of staff what would you like to change if so desire about the Institution? I would like to change the perspective of parents towards child development by educating them on the importance of Early Childhood Education, the involvement of the economy in the institution, Teachers wage subsidy, Traditional learning materials to modern Technology and equipment.

14. What vision do you as a key member of the school have for your Institution? My vision is to see my school change to an Infant Center, children’s nutritional intake improve, more involvement of the church group to the school.

15. How would you rate the relationship between parents, children and teachers at your school: a) Poor b) Not progressive c) Satisfactory d) Very good e) Excellent The relationship between parents and teachers is satisfactory while between staff It is excellent.

16. a) How would you rate the children leaving your school? a) Excellent b) Very good c) Good d) Weak The children leaving the school are excellent.

17. Is there anything further that you would like to add? I would be grateful for any help that I can get in order to motivate the children in the development of skills and also to give them a better learning environment.

Thank you for participating in this interview. Years 2 Soar
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