Children at Sunbury Early Childhood, Clarendon, Jamaica

We at Years 2 Soar would be grateful if you could donate a minimum of $1 USD or ₤1 (one pound sterling)  to the socially deprived families in Jamaica. If you would like to donate on a monthly basis a minimum of $5 USD or  ₤5 is welcomed. We want to give these families a chance to have a better life, good education and a better future. By donating you would be making a positive change in somebodies life. A report of how the money is helping these families will be sent to our members.

We would also welcome donations:
  •  to buy paints and tiles  to paint and tile schools
  • to buy reading materials (for children 3-7 years old)
  • to print literature in regards to alternative tourism, recycling, water management and conservation to be given to community members
  • to buy milk formula and milk products for children between the ages of 0-7years old in communities of Jamaica
  • to contribute to the building projects of years 2 soar community centres and offices.

Please donate, and we thank you in advance.

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Years 2 Soar © copyright 2012-2017