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Years 2 soar is about achieving short term and long term goals for community development, sustainable development and job creating stategies for persons living in communities in Jamaica. It is for persons who want to make an impact in their community, country and overseas countries. It is also a website to re-install hope to Jamaicans for job opportunities that may be available to them, and  to realize their potential, skills and abilities for the working environment.

This website aims to provide voluntary opportunities for locals, visitors and overseas students, who are on their gap year from university,or on a career break, to visit Jamaica, to take part in projects, programmes, training and language courses. This will inevitably look impressive on ones resume for future employees.

For some Jamaicans that are socially deprived, a charitable donation would be given to parents with children to help with travelling expenses (for children going to school), school books and material and school uniforms. They will also receive food parcels too. The donations received will also help children from socially deprived families with University tuition fees and some will be awarded scholarships too.

Other donations given would contribute to buying paint and tiles  to paint and tile schools, to buy milk formula and milk products for 0-7 year olds, to buy reading books for 3-7 year old children, to building projects, and to print literature in relation to alternative tourism, water management and conservation, and recycling to give to community members in communites of Jamaica.

Aim High, do not give up on your dreams and you will soar like an eagle!

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  Years 2 Soar © copyright 2012-2017  
Years 2 Soar © copyright 2012-2017
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